Our Organisation

The Life-Members constitute the General Body of the Society and shall elect amongst themselves a President and six members of the Executive Council. The President nominates from the members, a Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, hereinafter referred to as office bearers of the Society.

For the better management of the assets of the Society, the General Body is empowered to appoint three eminent personalities of India as Trustees who shall be regarded as members of the Executive Council and the General Body for the following purposes:

  • Sale or transfer of immovable property belonging to the Society.
  • In the event of its dissolution, the final disposal of the funds and property belonging to the Society.


Founder Director From To
Lala Lajpat Rai May, 1921 17.11.1928
Shri Purushottam Das Tondon 1.2.1929 5.9.1930
Lala Feroz Chand (Officiating) 6.9.1930 7.4.1931
Sri Purushottam Das Tondon 8.4.1931 3.11.1939
Lala Feroz Chand 4.11.1939 22.4.1940
Sri Purushottam Das Tondon 22.4.1940 30.6.1962
Sri Balwant Rai G. Mehta 11.8.1962 6.11.1963
Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri 6.11.1963 11.1.1966
Lala Mohan Lal (Officiating) 11.1.1966 2.5.1966
Sri Biswanath Das 3.5.1966 30.4.1981
Sri Radhanath Rath 1.5.1981 3.7.1991
Sri Krishan Kant 3.7.1991


Sri Manubhai Patel 24.08.2002


Sri Omkar Chand 9.6.2011


Sri Manubhai Patel 29.6.2012 28.6.2015
Sri Deepak Malviya 29.06.2015 20.03.2021
Sri Raj Kumar 20.03.2021  




1 Shri Ram Prasad 1921 Oct. 1940
2 Shri Duni Chand 1921 1946
3 Lala Jaswant Rai 1921 Nov. 1972
4 Prof. Veda Vyasa 28.3.1965 April 1996
5 Shri G.D. Birla 1966 10.06.1983
6 Shri Bhimsen Sen 1973 18.11.1978
7 Shri C. B. Gupta 1979 11.03.1980
8 Pt. Amar Nath Vidyalankar 1983 21.09.1985
9 Shri Bishambhar Nath Pande 1986 30.05.1998
10 Shri I.K.Gujral 1994  
11 Justice Rajindar Sachar 2001  
12 Justice Dr. Arijit Pasayat 2009 to date


The spirit of service should become part of our characeras a necessary ingredient in our discipline. Cultivate the habit of service for its own sake, free from all motive and all thought of reward. Service of prisoners, unmindful of the ‘waste of time’ that this entails, feeding, protecting and loving the children of the poor even though they be shabby or filthy, helping woman-kind irrespective of faith, community, colour or nationality and, in general, to serve others, sacrificing one’s own interest - that should be our insignia. 

Lala Lajpat Rai



There comes a time when you must stand alone you must feel confident and strong enough within.

Lala Lajpat Rai



You are strong, you are confident and you are capable just do it ! For your selves, for your parents, for your teachers, for your society and for your country, just do it !

Lala Lajpat Rai

Appreciate yourself by allowing yourself the opportunities to grow, develop and find you true sense of purpose in this life.

Lala Lajpat Rai